Custom solar panels for yachts

Imagine producing electricity with your yacht. Brought to you by the former world champions of solar racing.

The latest technology, high performance and flush integration.

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Powering independent adventures

Imagine producing clear electricity with yachts. On your roof, deck, bimini or mast.

This is the future of solar on yachting. A clean solution to your energy requirements.

Drive sustainability
Minimize footprints with the latest solar innovations. Embrace technology that pushes the boundaries.
Feel the freedom
Enjoy the freedom that the sun can bring. Generator-free days and independence from shore power is now possible.
Enjoy beauty
Wattlab makes solar panels an integral part of yachts. Blending in with the design with custom shapes and looks.

Our technology

Custom design
A tailored look and shape to perfectly fit the yacht’s design
Solar race efficiency
The highest quality cells known from solar race cars. Absorbing maximum sunlight up to 24% efficiency.
Highest energy density
Using all available surface with custom cell layouts. Produce electricity with any given surface.
Designed for toughness
Thin, light, bendable but strong. Durable and resilient to the ocean's weather conditions.

Your solar generator

Get inspired by these examples
  • 16 m2 - 3.3 kW peak power
  • Self cleaning topsheet
  • 16 m2 - 3.3 kW peak power
  • Broad spectral response
  • 16 m2 - 3.3 kW peak power
  • Antislip topsheet

Solar Designer

Calculate your potential energy yield. Submit your design and we will help you with the next steps.

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About Wattlab

Since 2017, Wattlab has set new boundaries for the application of solar power. Originating from the Vattenfall Solar Team (former Nuon Solar Team), Wattlab closes the gap between science and market applications. With close collaborations with industry leaders and cutting edge knowledge institutes, latest innovations are integrated into new solar applications. With a passion for technology and a drive to solve the climate problem, every challenge is an opportunity.

Our mission in yachting

Our mission is to show the world that solar energy and design can work beautifully together. The yachting industry is well known for cutting edge technology and pushing the envelope for new development. By showcasing the newest innovations in solar energy on yachts we can bring independence and lower emissions as well as inspire the world about the possibilities of solar energy.

Our Partners & Customers

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